WilsonDailyPrep Facebook Integration

WilsonDailyPrep fully integrates with Facebook. If a student uses Facebook already, the student can:

  • Link the student account at WilsonDailyPrep to the student's Facebook Account.
  • Once linked, the student can seamlessly access WilsonDailyPrep just using his/her Facebook access without having to re-log in using the WilsonDailyPrep username.
  • WilsonDailyPrep will post privately to the student's News Feed each day if a new DailyPrep is available. The student can click on the link directly on Facebook and start taking the DailyPrep

Note that the post is completely private -- no one else can see that post except for the student.


Follow these steps to enable Facebook Login; Read all the instructions before trying them out!

  1. Click the Connect with Facebook button above.
  2. You will see a window open requesting permission like the one shown below,
  3. Click Allow
  4. You may have to log into Facebook if you are not already in Facebook.
  5. If you see a Linking to Facebook Account page, enter your current WilsonDailyPrep user name and password and click "Connect"
  6. If you enter everything correctly, you are done!